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Live Abundantly!® has established a Work Training Empowermentscheme which is creating opportunities for viable economic independence for young people and women, particularly returnees being socially and economically reintegrated into Nigeria. It is essential for the youth, most especially girls and women, to explore and recognise the significance of identifying and pursuing career paths which offer a sense of fulfilment, financial security and the ability to participate in decision-making personally and professionally.

Equality can only the achieved when “the other fifty-percent of society” are recognised as participatory members of the development of the country. As such, the Work Training Empowerment blueprint recognises the significance of a programme with a philosophy which offers a robust experiential course, coaching, mentoring, career and business guidance, job placement and opportunity for entrepreneurship.

Live Abundantly!® believes paving the path for successful employment or entrepreneurship for youth and women, along with  career guidance for young girls through  advocacy for a cultural change in the limiting (and negative) perspectives of the role of women and girls, is vital to eradicating poverty and inequalities which plague the society thereby resulting in the subjugation to violence, child-marriages, human trafficking, begging and irregular migration amongst other social menaces.

The challenges of poverty, limited education, trauma of violence, human trafficking and irregular migration requires that the scheme integrates and emphasises on building self-confidence, fearless commitment to pursuing a career path, the need to contribute to their economic and personal success, and, in the long run, the vitality of their community.

Work Training Empowerment offerings will encourage innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and team building which are critical skills in today’s workforce. Irrespective of the chosen path, our graduates would have competitive competencies which are appealing to employers and essential for business success.

Live Abundantly!® remains committed to investing inthe communityand promoting social change with a keen eye on diversity and inclusiveness as it promotes the respect of human rights, peer support and collaboration in an effort to promote excellence, integration, economic viability and representation in society.

Join our esteemed group on Mindful Giving Changes Lives® to offer an opportunity for job training and placement.

Supporting our Special Children.

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