volunteersLive Abundantly!® believes volunteers bring a rich array of information and services to the organisation because their sole purpose of dedicating their time and expertise is altruistic.

Our volunteers are professionals, university students and citizens who enjoy giving back to the community through their participation in our programme either through sharing their expertise and/or providing guest relation/hospitality for attendees or contributing their time and services selflessly to our mission.

These special brand of persons are motivated by the Live Abundantly!® ethos and they play a role in making a difference though their positive interactions with participants either through speaking engagements, developing existing or new skills or in gaining knowledge from attending specialists.

Our community of volunteers enjoy the opportunities which may arise for mentoring and networking amongst themselves as well as with professionals, sponsors and partners. They recognise that the power of networking can lead to paid employment and enjoy impacting the lives of others. Volunteers receive certificates listing community hours needed for university graduation and/or enhancing their curriculum vitae.

The benefits of volunteering are multi-fold for both volunteers and participants as the human connection does positively impact lives, educate and create greater awareness on specific subjects whilst offering a platform for discussion and education. The camaraderie amongst volunteers can boost health and well-being and stimulate individuals with a sense of purpose thus reducing stress and depression.

Live Abundantly!® volunteers experience a strong sense of fulfilment and receive a deep sense of appreciation from the Board of Trustees.

If you are interested in volunteering, kindly send an email to: and