Mindful Giving Changes Lives™

This morning, I shared my story not because I thought it was particularly unique but rather because my personal belief is stories enlighten others and the knowledge gained can be an acknowledgement of what another wishes to express but doesn’t feel empowered to espouse.

We come from a rich culture were sharing folktales, proverbs and oral history is part of the daily fare of life hence we should encourage others to speak openly and truthfully about their life experiences. These experiences form the very fibre of the human existence as it provides the relevant context and content for what is essential for people and the community.


Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative celebrates World Disability Day

CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES, EMPOWERING LIVES” was the theme of the Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative celebration of the World Disability Day with the Destitute Empowerment Children’s Center.


The Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative members arrived to a warm reception of the cheerful children’s warm hugs and smiling faces.


Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative presented the children with chapter books, colouring books, crayons and stationery materials, focusing on Empowerment through Education.

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The United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) established in 1972, is observed  globally on 3th December.


A Different Perspective

kEKE NAPEP – MARWA – MARUWA is a commercial form of transportation used in Nigeria as an alternative to driving or other forms of transportation.

Life Coach and Author Dr. Ama of the  brand LiveAbundantly!® took a ride in one of theses kekes and this is what she had to say…

In India, Keke known as Tuk Tuk is a local form of transport, which is embraced by all indigenes. In Nigeria, it is relegated to the everyday person- a symbol of hardship. If it is the affordable and a quick form of transport on the congested roads shouldn’t we all engage in its services?