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The cut is deep and painful.

The scar is permanent.

The flashbacks cause anguish, despair and anger.

The psychological implication is lifelong.

The stigma stings like a bee and the wound raw.


Human Trafficking is a cut that runs deeply into the core of your Being.

Human Trafficking strips you of the dignity of humanity leaving a walking corpse open to the vultures of the earth.

Children’s Day 2018 ‘The Stew of Life’


‘The Stew of Life’ requires ingredients just like any other stew: Tomatoes, Pepper, Salt, Onions, Oil, Chicken, Meat and/or Fish, Spices, Fire and a Pot.

The tomatoes which cannot rot is your education. You must learn beyond the classroom by integrating the information your teachers provide with what is going on in society. Learning does not occur in a vacuum thus you must relate school studies to daily living.

The Pepper is your family, friends and community. They will guide you and remind you when you have mis-stepped. Too much pepper leads to discomfort so having just the right amount shall enhance the flavour of your life.

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We hear the stories, we shake our heads in disgust and sometimes beg not to hear the details but the truth is our children and grandchildren are growing up in a society where issues of Violence, Trafficking, Drug Abuse, Child Labour and Truancy are highly prevalent.

One of the most influential entities which has been proven to improve students’ academic success as well as create positive relationship between the school and the community is the active presence of informed and dedicated parents.

Knowledgeable and active parents not only add value to a school community but also offer excellent resources and support by ensuring the policies and vital messages of the stakeholders are disseminated to the community.

Dr. Ama’s Gala & Award Night Speech


On Behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank you for honouring us with your presence this evening. Your presence here is a statement of your commitment to Humanity, particularly Women and children who are often the forgotten yet they are integral members of society.
Tonight, we are celebrating individuals who are advocates for the betterment of women and children because they play a role in the development of communities, states and the country as a whole. We, as a people, must recognise the importance of inclusion of all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, physiology, religion,


Children’s Day 2017 Riding the Bike of Life by Dr. Ama Onyerinma.

Good Afternoon…..

I am honoured to be a participant in this occasion which honours the city of Eko@50 – Eko, a special place which embraces all who choose to make it home and today we celebrate the children of the city.

These children gathered here on this auspicious day represent the future and the continuity of humanity and, as adults, we strive collectively to provide the best for our children and future generations.

I believe the best gift we can bestow on the next generation of Lagosians is knowledge. I know it is challenging when we live in the digital age…quick access,


Teachers…The Active Presence. by Dr. Ama Onyerinma

It is true our parents are our first teachers but our formal teachers hold a dear place in our hearts and how we approach learning. We are all here because a teacher or teachers made a difference in our lives.

There is something special about the teachers within the school hence you hear people sing the praises of the teacher whom made a difference in their lives. The teacher whom gave them the encouragement or showed empathy when it was most needed.

Teachers have become the sole adults with whom most children spend  the majority of their waking hours.