WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS #EquityAndEquality 2021

The Women Changemakers series highlights the contribution of women across the globe from all spheres of life who have recognised and brought to prominence the significance of Equity and Equality for Women.

The coronavirus pandemic has further heightened the disparity between genders across all age categories, therefore it is imperative that we inspire, educate and focus on the issues these Changemakers and others have dedicated their lives to by featuring the successes of women in all circles of life from social to economic and political.

We must continue to recognise,

Being A Girl

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Every year we globally mark the Girl-Child Day and promise to ensure the girls within our communities would have a better life expectancy, the ability to live to their fullest potential with their rights to education, health, nutrition, employment honoured. We pledge that they will not experience any form of violence, discrimination and other denigrating forms of abuse. […]