The Dawn Project was co-founded by Dr. Ama of Live Abundantly!®, Dr. Pamela Jackson-Ajayi of Synlab and ‘Doctors’ on Air’,  and Mrs. Angela Emuwa of Punch Newspapers. It operates in collaboration with Nigeria-British organisations and businesses which include Lagos State Urban Forest and Animal Shelter Initiative (LUFASI), Just Commercial Vehicles Limited, Rite Foods Ltd. and Curatia Education as a response to the compelling charge to awaken to the urgency of protecting our planet.

The platform, The Dawn Project, was established in recognition of the fact that we must act collectively to make this world a better place, not just for ourselves but for the future generations to come. Active responsibility must be taken to rectify the condition of our planet and we must face up to the appalling climate change facts and take the necessary steps at home, at school, at work, in public spaces and in general to improve the environmental situation.

The Dawn Project‘s unique approach to the climate crisis as proposed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Nos. 13 – Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and Its Impact is through the adoption of Art (spoken, written, visual and/or movement) as a means of expressing the problem and seeking solutions. The Dawn Project‘s action-enabled collaboration is dedicated to establishing sustainable, responsible action through engaging citizens- children, youth to and adults – across the socio-economic spectrum to participate in competitions focused on intellectual and artistic expression which encourages communities to respond to the destruction of the planet. The inaugural event focuses on the art medium of poetry which, through the interplay of words and rhythms, symbolism, aesthetics and emotion, evokes meaningful discourse on a prevalent subject.