Dr. Ama

Dr. Ama

Dr. Ama

Role : Board of Trustees'

“We must collectively strive for an equitable and inclusive global society.” – AmamOnyerinma. 


Dr. Ama is a successive entrepreneur who possesses and demonstrates a business dynamism which draws on her expansive experience spanning four decades in numerous and diverse industries not limited to education, business marketing and management, leadership, human behaviour, coaching, consulting, advocacy, research, podcasting and authorship.

In 2017, she pivoted her professional career from one of ‘knowing’ to focus intentionally on the ‘doing’ without reservation on her passion and purpose. She recognises and celebrates the most valuable asset of any organisation and community – the people. Through Allied Empowerment® she champions the application of her vast skill-set which incorporates psychological safety, curiosity and perception in a diverse, equitable, inclusive and equality driven workplace as a means of strengthening individual and team engagement, collaboration, efficacy, innovation and performance.

Dr. Ama is astute in identifying opportunities, addressing challenges and harnessing the potential within an organisation and in individuals by stripping away the self-imposed limitations and unconscious biases which hinder the full actualisation of individual and team performance. She masterfully employs her talents, skills, mindset and knowledge across multiple disciplines from neuroscience to cultural and social sciences in association with her unique level of creativity as she artfully unlocks and brainstorms with businesses to design and implement bespoke models for individual as well as team success which incorporate the desired objectives in an effective and viable manner.

Through her panache for leadership development, based on a keen understanding of human behaviour, the brain and coaching, she empowers business leaders and their teams to intentionally accentuate the desired outcome by enhancing the capabilities of their people through creativity, communication and participation thus they can collectively and individually thrive. Interestingly, her maiden book, Successes Don’t Fail (2015) explores the intricate complexities of human existence and the ability to traverse the human experience which begins with the person. This heightened resilience permits the navigation of change in how we connect, live and work and what is important for the viability of individual and corporate relevancy and prosperity.

She is a passionate proponent for diversity, equality and inclusion within the workplace and the community. She embraces the ethos and intersectionality of the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the ethical principles of business and society which ensure the recognition and implementation of creating communities and businesses which are committed to environmental and social issues in a diverse and inclusive global society thus fostering creative solutions, innovative ideas, the well-being mindset, communication across ecosystems, human rights and development based on rules of governance, transparency and accountability.

Dr. Ama’s social impact is evident in her visionary social enterprise, Live Abundantly!®  which focuses on the development of talent, a key factor for sustainable and scalable development, innovation, equality and social justice. She enthusiastically advocates for global learning and awareness, investment in the community, internship and entrepreneurship and impactful mentorship and sponsorship. On a continent where the level of disenfranchised youth is palpable, employability and job preparedness is crucial to their ability to have a decent existence. In 2021, under the auspices of Equity and Equality, an innovation scholarship programme highlighting the plight for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) particularly Surveying was initiated. The current cohort is exploring the importance of life-long learning and agency in defining a purposeful and passionate professional path in alignment with themselves and the environment with a keen eye on viability in the global workplace.

She also extends her expertise, as a respected socially progressive advocate and disruptor who is committed to the implementation of actionable solutions and investments in the community which develops changemakers who can scale in the ever-changing global landscape to address issues of education, equality, gender violence, inequality, climate change, poverty, decent work, health and well-being through novel and applicable advancements in technology and humanitarianism which are critical from the corporate and societal perspectives.

The significance of communication and pivoting a business to adapt to the digitalisation of work and social spaces is reflected in Ama’s sphere of influence. In 2021, she masterfully launched the Thinking Reimagined® podcast. The platform invites inter-generational conversation and presents the proverbial table with chairs, or benches, representing a diverse and inclusive spectrum of poignant, honest, thought-provoking, intelligent dialogue focusing on changing the mindset for a better global society.

The enthralling and courageous Dr. Ama is unapologetic about her mission, gifts, personal trials and tribulations, wisdom from a well-lived life and the magnitude of her intention to impact the workplace and society through her well-honed credentials and experiences. She thrives in cooperation with others to develop new impactful and effective ventures and lends her expertise to improve others’ quality of work and life in order to achieve a true sense of fulfilment. She remains committed in her mission to encourage all to endeavour to understand the importance of value creation, equity and having a sense of belonging.