Dr. Ama

Dr. Ama

Dr. Ama

Role : Board Of Trustee

“We must collectively strive for an equitable and inclusive global society.” – AmamOnyerinma. 


Dr. Ama Onyerinma, affectionately known as Dr. Ama, is the intentionally driven visionary behind the Live Abundantly!® brand. She is a passionate and outspoken advocate for the rights of women and children, particularly girls. She actively campaigns for education, equality, health, security and safety of the vulnerable members of society. Her concern for Mother Earth is succinctly woven into the importance of addressing climate change issues to ensure the well-being of society and the environment. She is a vocal proponent of the power of education in changing the lives of those who are marginalised by poverty, violence, inequality and exploitation as well as the importance of advancing the awareness and interconnectivity of these factors with the socio-economic development of people and the global society.

She is dedicated to the Live Abundantly!® mission of undertaking prevalent issues affecting the well-being of women and children from human trafficking to child labour and child marriage by educating on the devastating consequences. She also offers innovative concepts and solutions which can shift the perception and future of women and children. She crusades for the protection of the rights of all citizens and the opportunity to live with dignity, hope and respect.

Dr. Ama is an avant-garde, thought-provoking and engaging activist who believes changes in cultural and religious attitudes towards women and children is central to achieving equality and inclusion whilst promoting citizenry and a sense of viability in a progressive society. She created Live Abundantly!® as a platform for positive social change and community engagement. ‘The Voice’ and social change coach emphasises the importance the formal and informal education of children, the socio-economic preparedness of youth and the socio-cultural, and economical, political empowerment of women, particularly in Africa. She stipulates this is achievable through engaging the general public and decision-makers in actionable discourse to remedy socially deficient matters by adherence to the rules of transparency, accountability, data gathering and integrity.

Driven by the belief in action-enabled collaboration, Dr. Ama co-founded The Dawn Project, with other organisations and businesses intentionally committed to raising greater awareness and advocacy amongst citizens on the urgency of environmental consciousness. The group’s unique approach to the climate crisis is employing Art – spoken, written, visual and/or movement – as a means of expressing the problem and seeking solutions. She believes engaging citizens, from children to youth to adults, across the socio-economic spectrum to participate in renewing their connection to Our Earth through intellectual and artistic expressions which encourages communities to respond to the destruction of the planet.

Dr. Ama is a dynamic and multi-faceted educationist, leadership and executive and coach, and author. She has previously served as a board member of The Country School and ‘Taking the Reins’ in Los Angeles, California. She is a consummate life-long learner, a woman on a mission with a simple ethos – “Live Abundantly!® and add value to the human experience.”