Equity and Equality™ Scholarship


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Live Abundantly!®  is a registered proactive organisation (CAC/IT/No. 95723) committed to investing in our communities and promoting positive social change™. Since our inception in 2017, Live Abundantly!® (www.livesabundantly.com), an avant-garde organisation based on integrity and a bold purpose, has been intentionally committed to identifying creative solutions through advocacy, awareness and education in collaboration with key stakeholders who share our vision and are accountable to the community.

The thrust of our endeavours is to disclose and improve issues of equity and inequality in the society as well as addressing issues of violence and exploitation of the most vulnerable groups of society. We strongly believe that an equitable, diverse and inclusive society is achievable when all citizens are treated respectfully regardless of their socio-economic standing or differences and they can contribute to the progress and welfare of society.

Live Abundantly!®  launched The Women Changemakers which highlights the contribution of women across the globe from all spheres of life who have recognised and brought to prominence the significance of Equity and Equality for Women. In commemoration of International Women’s Day 2021, we introduced the Equity and Equality Scholarship with a keen eye on supporting the education of young women in tertiary institutions undertaking study in the science fields. Patiss-UK was invited to collaborate in the area of social education via our Thinking Reimagined® podcast and social media outlets.

The scholarship highlights the importance of Equity and Equality for women in what are considered male-dominated fields of study. The scholarship aims to offer female students the opportunity to compete favourably with their male counterparts, break barriers and limitations and so gain a robust learning experience

Live Abundantly!®  and The Adekoya Family Trust co-sponsored the First Female Nigerian Survey Students Scholarship in honour of their matriarch, Mrs. Olayinka Omolabake Adekoya, the first and only female Surveyor General of Nigeria because of their commitment to female education and representation in all professional spheres particularly Surveying.

The online competition invited female Nigerian surveying students to describe why they selected the course of study. The six selected finalists were invited to join the Thinking Reimagined® podcast discussion on The Women Changemakers during which they provided first-hand accounts of the challenges they encounter in the lecture hall and in their fieldwork based on gender bias.

The Live Abundantly!® Board of Trustees’ is committed to sustainable and successful partnership to ensure female students have equitable access to education, work and representation in the global society.