EarthO2 Logo

We are reminded each day of the importance of respecting and caring for the Earth because our existence is interconnected with all animate and inanimate objects, hence the responsibility for its survival, and tending to this beautiful planet, falls on humanity.

EarthO2™ is Live Abundantly!®’s call to action for all stakeholders who recognise how much this precious space has bestowed as we shift our inherent focus on replenishing, restoring and cherishing this entity which gives abundantly and asks for nothing more than renewal and preservation.

EarthO2™ is a powerful platform focusing on awakening the urgency of protecting the planet through this solutions-driven and educational platform which incorporates studies and insights into how we address the pressing problems and their implications for the global society, particularly the vulnerable which are a focal point of our mission.

EarthO2™ is committed to forming collaborations with others who believe in collectively taking action, as global citizenry, to address and improve the current planetary condition thereby enhancing the quality of our lives and that of future generations. The appalling climate change facts affects our precious Earth and all inhabitants thus we must, in our public and private spaces, intentionally heal the Earth.

We, at EarthO2™ are especially proud of our earlier initiative, The Dawn Project, which was co-founded by Dr. Ama, Mrs. Angela Emuwa and Dr. Pamela Jackson-Ajayi in collaboration with other well-intentioned businesses, such as, Rite Foods Ltd, Curatia Education, Just Commercial Vehicles and Lagos State Urban Forest and Animal Shelter Initiative.

EarthO2™ believes strongly in addressing the advancing environmental and social challenges our planet faces in a humanistic manner to ensure the continuation of our home …Earth. These matters affect all aspects of our lives economically, socially, health-wise, politically and there are other adverse challenges to note such as the impact on the human population, particularly women and girls who perform a large portion of unpaid work.

EarthO2™ invites intellectual environmentalists as well as well-meaning individuals and groups to identify solutions and accountable actions in response to the climate crisis which is in the process of disrupting our Earth, hence the importance of adopting and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in all segments of society from education curricula to community awareness and workplace initiatives.

EarthO2™ is committed to creating educational campaigns and awareness through engagement, discourse, collaboration and inquiry amongst all sectors and citizens. In this way, we can develop innovative methods to enable the planet’s ability to Thrive in a Sustainable Manner.