Children’s Awareness Initiative™


The Children’s Awareness Initiativewas launched on 23rd May, 2019 as a hallmark of the  strong commitment of Live Abundantly!® to impact young lives through education, awareness and advocacy. The manifesto is to enhance the social education of students on the prevalence and consequences of ubiquitous social issues such as inequality, violence, discrimination, human trafficking, irregular migration, child marriage, child labour, exploitation, bullying, drug abuse, cultism and cybercrime. Furthermore, the significance of physical and brain health, personal development, the understanding of human rights and the effects of climate change on lives and the environment are paramount concerns which can  have dire consequences on the socio-economic and political viability of person and, in effect, the dynamics of the family, community and society at large and this information must be shared with the older set of children.

Since inception, Live Abundantly!®  ( in accord with our commitment of investing in our communities and promoting positive social change, has recognised the importance of a Children’s Awareness Initiative robust with an educational programme for school students, particularly secondary school students. We believe it is essential for today’s students to understand the importance of safeguarding their well-being by emphasising the importance of respecting children’s rights whilst providing rich, invaluable information which promotes equality, respectful engagement with others and the attainment of a progressive future in conjunction to promoting a sustainable relationship with Mother Earth.

The interactive and powerful scheme designed by the Children’s Awareness Initiative is offered in collaboration with our established partners, stakeholders and non-governmental organisations which are equally committed to ensuring the next generation of contributing citizens are well-equipped to co-exist in a diverse and inclusive global society where equality is recognised as the mainstay, violence and discrimination are not tolerated and the participation of those with physiological differences are upheld.

Children’s Awareness Initiative participants are immersed in a richly-designed interactive presentation featuring topic relevant theatre productions, expert forum speakers and audio-visual subject material which enhance learning and discussions with the target audience who certainly have a chance to dialogue not just with the subject-matter specialists throughout the sessions but amongst themselves as well.

Live Abundantly!® is confident the mission of the Children’s Awareness Initiativeis achievable with the partnership of all stakeholders who pledge to amplify the importance of social awareness and education of students through a multi-layered approach with a singular purpose of emphatic and cogent nurturing of young lives in order for them to become knowledgeable and informed citizens who grow to be active and responsible adults devoted to the progress and development of their community and society – socially, economically and politically.