Art: An Instrument for Peace, Conflict Resolution and Socio-economic Transformation

Ben Enwonwu Foundation 11th Distinguished Lecture (December 14, 2019)

Delivered by Ms Harriet Thompson, The British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria


Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, it’s truly an honour to take part in this morning’s event.  When Oliver asked me to give the 11th Ben Enwonwu Foundation Lecture, I was delighted to be asked and immediately said yes.  When he told me the topic of the lecture, I was intrigued and, I’ll admit, a little apprehensive.  There is a huge body of work on the role art can play in peace,

Being A Girl

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Every year we globally mark the Girl-Child Day and promise to ensure the girls within our communities would have a better life expectancy, the ability to live to their fullest potential with their rights to education, health, nutrition, employment honoured. We pledge that they will not experience any form of violence, discrimination and other denigrating forms of abuse. […]