Dr. AmaOver the last twenty months, the world has witnessed a tremendous shift in how we work and live but, most importantly, we are at the intersection of a pandemic and women’s lives and the adverse disruption to their role in the business world.

We have come to appreciate the importance of women ‘Taking a Seat’ at the proverbial table to ensure that issues related to their success and well-being in the workplace are at the forefront of policies on a global scale – in government as well as in private enterprise.

The willingness to recognise and celebrate the contributions of women as key stakeholders and leaders in society within all sectors means the issues which could impact the achievement of gender equality in and out of the workplace must inspire a change in how we work and what we view as essential for the sustainability of the ‘Other Fifty (50%) percent’.

We cannot permit Climate Change issues to adversely impact women in the manner that the Shadow Pandemic of harassment, violence, discrimination has eroded the gains made since the commencement of the Women’s Movement.

Women are critical assets to enterprise and the society but also the major global consumer thus it is essential to prioritise the importance of Gender Issues and Climate policy in order to achieve sustainable growth and productivity. More importantly, it is critical we reduce the inequity which adversely limits women’s access to funding, the supply chain, innovation and leadership.

Increasing the scope of Influence for women in all sectors of the business world requires an actionable plan and recognition that the Sustainable Development Goals, in collaboration with Government and corporate policies which synergise with the needs of stakeholders, particularly the women, is key.

The emphasis on Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in the business world can only enhance creativity, innovation and productivity which would increase the resourceful power of women and the importance of safeguarding women from the underpinnings of Climate Change.

A purpose-driven vision on how to limit the impact of climate change is critical to the sustainability of humanity, but it is most important to ensuring the invaluable contributions of women in and out of the workplace are not negated by preventable and mindless actions of corporations and individuals who fail to recognise the goal to Nurture, to Respair and Live Abundantly in synergy with others and the environment.

The creation of climate resilient businesses would require targets and strategies at the macro and micro levels with accountability and transparency as the cornerstones of driving a change in mindset for all, from the rural woman working on her farm to those at the pinnacle of corporations.

Women in Business must collectively lead the charge by lending their voices, their power, to enact purposeful, value-driven visions at all levels of global governance and business which recognise the importance of economic and social viability, food security, health and wellness, equality, education, innovation and technology in a fast-changing world.  Women must recognise the opportunities presented by climate change to Rethink, Retool and Repurpose their businesses and lives in order to Thrive and demonstrate a strong sense of belonging in their workplaces and communities.

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