Dr. Ama september 2021Thirty years ago, the 16 Days of Activism was initiated. Today, we recognise the significance of the campaign’s aims to eradicate all forms of violence against women and children by instituting actionable measures and accountability to ensure security, equality, work and financial resources as well as improved health and well-being for these vulnerable groups. What we know now is It can no longer be a case of tokenism or a promotional agenda, as to do so, would result in the eradication of a viable, essential and contributory force for social relevance and development.

Impunity and bias can no longer be the modus operandi for addressing the appalling disregard of the rights of women and girls who continue to be marginalised globally. The advancement of women’s rights, equality and equity are critical for the fullest development of human beings and their ability to contribute to humanity. Living in fear or a state of neglect is inhumane and unjust and all stakeholders must actively participate and commit to mitigating these issues in their homes, communities, workplaces and globally.

The pandemic has removed the veil of secrecy and shame which women have endured for centuries to show the ugly underbelly of inequality, poverty, insecurity and disruption of the other Fifty Percent.

As a woman who has experienced her share of violence, I STAND today to lend my voice to the platform for change…change for the betterment of society….change for our children and grandchildren and future generations who must receive a legacy of equity, respect and natural

We cannot remain a statistic thus we must take our seats at the table, or expand the table to include our benches, to VOICE our stand for our viability and the recognition of our contributions to our families, communities, the global economy and society at large.

I invite women and girls, as well as men and boys, of all generations who have experienced violence to share their stories…SPEAK UP…empower yourselves and others through EDUCATION and awareness…Believe the survivors and take a stand with them to ADVOCATE… let us address the cause of this shadow pandemic and find applicable SOLUTIONS…we must adopt and enforce polices and laws to attain EQUALITY…and implement sustainable programs through untainted ACCOUNTABILITY.

Today is a new day, a new beginning towards our collective role as stakeholders to be accountable for the RIGHTS of our Daughters, Sisters, Aunties and Mothers and to advocate for EQUALITY for all regardless of gender, age, physiological differences, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

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