The Awareness of how one reacts to change determines how the team will respond to the leadership during the ‘upside down’ phase. Understanding the intricacies of change, particularly how it affects you on a cellular level will determine the style of interaction you bring forth as you accept and pivot during times of uncertainty.

An authentic and humanistic leader approaches change with an openness and curiosity. The leader who absorbs and dissects change without being paralysed by the accompanying fear and dtoub will lead with clarity and vision. Such an individual shall inspire employees to view change as the catalyst for professional, personal and business transformation.

Thriving in a Changing World requires succinct identification of the company’s objectives and performance, transparency and accountability, commitment to honest communication, acknowledgment of the challenges of team members whilst noting their strengths and encouraging collaboration and a company culture of inclusion, diversity and equality.

A calm and decisive leader, will instil confidence and trust amongst the team as they co-navigate in uncharted waters. They will recognise the importance of flexibility in a hybrid or remote workplace. Encouraging employees to be creative and innovative at a time when a business realigns with a forgotten ethos and/or adopts a new purpose is essential for renewal of the business commitment. In truth, trust in the leadership has the ability to harmonise the shared values, expectations and mindset of all stakeholders.

The key is to understand the goal is not to survive but to Thrive in the Changing Business World. Negotiating with change is essential for the survival of a business and the people who commit to ensuring the business thrives and succeeds view change as a catalyst for professional, personal as well as business transformation.

Thriving business leaders are strategic and leverage their network. They are deliberate in their actions and stay attuned to the responses intuitively received as well as expressed by colleagues. They are focused on the sustainability of the business and the perspective of stakeholders – Nobody is Left Behind. They welcome change with inquisition, curiosity and openness. They bravely step into the ‘Stage of Possibilities’ with the authority to rebuild, restructure, reinvent, repurpose, rebrand in order to …THRIVE.

© Dr. Ama
Allied Empowerment®