What is this Children’s Day they talk about?
Children’s Day,
This is the day
When they laugh, play and shout.
We will always discuss
And make a fuss
But that is not at all what it is about.

Not all of that,
Goes down to fact.
Girls and boys
Not playing with toys
Which are scarce like food.
Please, do not brood.

No rest.
All for the best?
Girls being trafficked
Forced and kicked
All of them being whipped.

At the age of seven,
Being sent to heaven.
Fleeing like birds in the sky,
Not wanting to lie.
Trying to hide.
Being discriminated
For something so ‘outdated’.

It still happens, it is not false,
It is not the 19th century!
But are these people merry?
Joking around,
“Having another beer,” on the ground.
Think it’s funny?

The mothers, where are they in all of this?
The girl named Chris
Loving and caring but all of that stress
Just turned her into a mess.

Abducted at thirteen,
How men, oh mean,
Getting them enslaved
Even engraved
For a life they didn’t want.

Let’s not forget,
Whilst we celebrate,
The importance of this date.