I sat to look at myself in the mirror,seeing no other things but the scar that can never be erased ,the pains that can never be taken away,
The broken little spirit of an innocent girl of fourteen with all the untold stories written all over her eyes,i am stocked in my own little world of silent pains .
I am a child with a broken heart ,a girl that has been tortured,abused and molested by the cruel world,a child with a mask scar that can never be forgotten,the hurts are still as fresh as yesterday no matter how long its been ,i still feel the pains and the wickedness of men.
Looking at all the pains that has denied me off my right as a child,than i stood up from the mirror with a red flag raised above my heads ,saying NO TO CHILD ABUSE AND GIRLS TRAFFICKING.
For we are children and not goods
Girls and not yet a bride
Teenager and not yet a mother
We cry for education and not to be a baby producing machines
Find us interesting and not sexy because we’re not a sex slave
I’m a talented girl child and not a cause,a genius and not an ineptitude,
Respect my right and protect my values, in all i am a child .
I’m costly and not marketable,I’m estimable and not common .
I am a fine China don’t treat me like tissue paper,I’m to be treasure as a child and not to be neglected like a weed ,honour and adore me because I’m Gods blessing and not human pastime.

– Jane Chidindu


OGM_My Voice Must Be Heard_Jane