© 2018 – Dr. Ama Onyerinma

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The cut is deep and painful.

The scar is permanent.

The flashbacks cause anguish, despair and anger.

The psychological implication is lifelong.

The stigma stings like a bee and the wound raw.


Human Trafficking is a cut that runs deeply into the core of your Being.

Human Trafficking strips you of the dignity of humanity leaving a walking corpse open to the vultures of the earth.

You can dress up the body but the scar is permanently embedded because you cannot trust another person particularly those who knowingly inflicted such pain.

The stigma reopens the wound because the cut of human trafficking can never fully heal.


The Traffickers come in various robes brandishing stories of grand lives.

Some traffickers are family members whilst others are supposed honourable members of the community or exploiters seeking an income from the sale of a precious being.

The victims are generally women, children, disenfranchised youth and the physiologically challenged whom are relegated to marginalised lives in society.


Laws alone cannot stop the third most lucrative illegal business in the world.

The network is intricate and the spoils of the toxic trade is intoxicating for those cold-hearted traffickers who can only think of their financial gains.

Awareness, advocacy and education are crucial on all levels.

The laws like the trade must be enacted and enforced internationally.


We can minimise the cut when we value and treasure lives.

When we start to recognise our children, mothers and family members are not a commodity to be cut up with scars from beatings, hunger, sexual violence, chains, branding for sale and death.


We must stop The Cut by speaking up in our home, schools, community and society.

We cannot, as a nation, continue to be the world’s supplier for human beings traded like commodities on the stock market.

We cannot continue to allow our citizens to languish in sores and scars because The Cut runs deep and is permanent.

The scab if it dries, leaves a scar which is physically and psychologically damaging.

The stigma is a necklace and the flashback is a recording like the march to hell without an escape chute.


 © 2018 – Dr. Ama Onyerinma