We hear the stories, we shake our heads in disgust and sometimes beg not to hear the details but the truth is our children and grandchildren are growing up in a society where issues of Violence, Trafficking, Drug Abuse, Child Labour and Truancy are highly prevalent.

One of the most influential entities which has been proven to improve students’ academic success as well as create positive relationship between the school and the community is the active presence of informed and dedicated parents.

Knowledgeable and active parents not only add value to a school community but also offer excellent resources and support by ensuring the policies and vital messages of the stakeholders are disseminated to the community.

The role of the teacher is to guarantee students are taught and they learn the prescribed curriculum whilst the administrators ensure the school runs efficiently and the teachers have effective teaching strategies necessary to increase students’ academic achievement. State school parents bring value to their children’s learning environment by creating a platform for sharing critical information essential for their well-being and safety.

Parenting Programmes where topics such as Health, Nutrition, Security, Violence (Physical, Sexual, Emotional and Neglect), Drug Abuse, Truancy, Child Labour, Trafficking, Cybercrime amongst others are presented heightens community awareness and adds to the valuation of Human Capital. Furthermore, parents can provide critical information for the teachers about their wards.

Research shows when there is a synergy and a sense of partnership between teachers and parents children perform better, are better adapted members of society and the chances of external influences are vastly reduced. In addition, adults seek the support of other adults when dealing with challenging issues relating to their offsprings or themselves. The reality is life-long friendships begin within the school parameters for both children and adults hence the sense of a community with shared values is critical to the sustainability of a viable society.

A well-established Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO) in conjunction with the government can liaise with vital agencies to assure the policies and informative communication are disseminated. PTO members whom are vested in the well-being of the community and know they have a shared responsibility to the success of government’s initiatives to safeguard their children would actively engage other parents and citizens. Along the same line, PTO members would notify authorities of cases of violations without fear of impunity because they understand the essence of community involvement and development.

Community pride begins when members believe their presence is valued and they have a respected role in the safety and development of their society. A Parent Teacher Organisation is an essential stakeholder in any community.


© 2018 – Dr. Ama Onyerinma

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