It is true our parents are our first teachers but our formal teachers hold a dear place in our hearts and how we approach learning. We are all here because a teacher or teachers made a difference in our lives.

There is something special about the teachers within the school hence you hear people sing the praises of the teacher whom made a difference in their lives. The teacher whom gave them the encouragement or showed empathy when it was most needed.

Teachers have become the sole adults with whom most children spend  the majority of their waking hours.

Teacher’s have become more than the conveyor of knowledge. They are the guidebook for how to develop life-long work ethic, how to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with peers and other adults and how to become notable Citizens.

A teacher recognises their job is beyond sharing information rather through their actions and presence they model for their students appropriate codes of conduct and interactions within and outside of the school environment and develop skills and ideals necessary for adulthood which cannot be dispensed from a textbook.

Teachers encourage learning beyond the mind because the wonder of learning is shared with amazement, precision and honesty.

For all this to occur the teacher most be actively present. This presence is beyond the physical appearance … they must engage with the mind, heart. Their senses are heightened throughout the school day and beyond as they review lesson plans, homework and consider how to bring learning alive in the digital age when all students believe the internet is the depository of all knowledge.

You see you can find information online but It is the teacher whom gives it a soul. The teacher carefully finds a way to ensure not only that you interact with the knowledge but you will remember beyond that moment otherwise you are back online reading again. That is the gift of the teacher’s presence.

Presence is beyond being physically visible. Presence is being dedicated to that moment in time…sharing, observing, interacting…being aware of the students …the lives in your hands that are eager to learn and blossom into life-long learners.

A Present Teacher demonstrates that learning occurs on a continuum hence we acquire information which we can apply intelligently and convincingly in our interacts with others..

Only a teacher can be in a room of thirty-five to forty children with pride and assurance because the room is a canvas waiting to be painted.

Only a teacher will take the time to understand the personality of all the pupils in the classroom and the best means of connecting with them collectively and individually..

A teacher like a farmer prepares each year for a new set of pupils with vigour and enthusiasm… course of study, lesson plans, additional resources and a classroom room optimal for learning.

The present teacher warmly welcomes new students at the start of the school year and watches them manoeuvre the new terrain. Generally, they have physically grown over the summer holiday yet the thirst like a seedling for water which shall eventually mature into a tree.

A teacher will swiftly note which student can work independently and which requires additional support.

A present teacher will identify the student whom shall entertain the class when lightness of subject matter is necessary and which can maintain order when a quick absence is necessary.

The teacher comes everyday present for the pupils regardless of what may be occurring in their personal lives. Once in the classroom they focus on the pupils. “What do they remember from the previous day instruction…how else can I instruct thus they will  be able to recall and apply the concepts?”

By using skill sets to ensure the students knowledge base expands and is related to other subjects the teacher will tend to details and employ anecdotes from other  curricular areas to extend learning. A teacher will plant the seeds of knowledge and periodically check through quizzes, test, discourse to ascertain the germination of knowledge

Like a Farmer, a teacher will seek the support of the principal when necessary or connect with a parent when vital as the importance of the child’s success and welfare is paramount.

When the child successes, like all farmers  the bounty is celebrated and so we find ourselves here today, celebrating the teachers of District IV for being actively present for their charges regardless of their personal trials and tribulation. We acknowledge their dedication to the learning process and ensuring we create a generation of thinkers, inventors, activist, artist, leaders and another generation of teachers.

A very select few can call teaching a passion and I believe we are in the presence of those whom understand teaching isn’t just a noted profession but but noble career which brings much personal joy and pride parallel to none because years from now many of the students shall sing their praises and recall the impact they had on their lives.

I celebrate the women and men whom choose to embark on a career which ensures the continuity of humanity through knowledge, compassion, fortitude, endurance, determination and understanding.

The Present Teacher recognises we are responsible for ourselves and others hence their actions in and out of the classroom matters. Our benevolent profession requires we teach our students values which enhance humanity because what we do at this moment affects the future.

I congratulate all the principals and teachers honoured today for taking up the mantle of teaching because they wish to make a difference in the life of another. I wish you continued happiness and success in your esteemed career.

Copyright 2017 – Dr. Ama Onyerinma Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative