This morning, I shared my story not because I thought it was particularly unique but rather because my personal belief is stories enlighten others and the knowledge gained can be an acknowledgement of what another wishes to express but doesn’t feel empowered to espouse.

We come from a rich culture were sharing folktales, proverbs and oral history is part of the daily fare of life hence we should encourage others to speak openly and truthfully about their life experiences. These experiences form the very fibre of the human existence as it provides the relevant context and content for what is essential for people and the community.

We are all well aware of the issues plaguing our society – economically, socially and politically, the list goes on but I purport to explain that each of us is responsible for the betterment of our society and it all begins with our individual pledge to ourselves, our family and our community.

I believe the respect of women and children in society is essential for equity in a society.

I believe when the rights of all citizens are upheld only then can a nation make social, economic and developmental advances.

Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative is committed to awareness, advocacy and education on three key issues:

  1. Violence against Women & Children
  2. Education of Children marginalised by poverty and physical differences
  3. Empowerment of Women.

All of us should be concerned about the prevalence of violence against these vulnerable groups within our community. Society is made of Women, Men and Children so why do we allow them to be relegated to the status “of less than” “not equal to” when they play a role in the functionality of the community. Ensuring the respect and safety of women and children is essential to the equitability of a society. It is OUR COLLECTIVE HUMAN RIGHT.

Why are children attending school hungry when we are gifted with land and food resources?

How can these children effectively learn and become positive contributing members of society when their bellies are empty?

How can we as a child-loving society discard children because we cannot feed them or because they have physiological differences?

These are un-African traits which we must address if we must advance on the global stage.

The Empowerment of women is critical to the advancement of society. When a woman can access her earning capacity, she can single-handedly change the educational projectile of her children. Women want a better life for themselves, their children, their families and their community. This can only be achieved through education and access to the economic field.

The mandate the Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative Board has taken on can only be accomplished by your collective support through Mindful Giving.

Mindful Giving is your commitment to create a better community and future for yourself, children and fellow citizens.

Mindful Giving is partnering with us as individuals, business owners and advocates for what is necessary for the advancement of our society and country.

Mindful Giving is transforming the lives of others because we are collectively responsible for the survival and continuity of our community.

Mindful Giving is necessary collaboration which is beneficial for advancement and social relevance across socio-economic and political platforms.

Mindful Giving is benevolence for ourselves and others.

I humbly thank you for honouring us with your presence. I trust we can contact you directly to discuss mutually beneficial alliances.

I celebrate the Phenomenal Women, many of whom have been our Fore-bearers, Mothers, Aunties, Sisters, Wives and Daughters.

Copyright 2017 – Dr. Ama Onyerinma Live Abundantly® Empowerment Initiative