kEKE NAPEP – MARWA – MARUWA is a commercial form of transportation used in Nigeria as an alternative to driving or other forms of transportation.

Life Coach and Author Dr. Ama of the  brand LiveAbundantly!® took a ride in one of theses kekes and this is what she had to say…

In India, Keke known as Tuk Tuk is a local form of transport, which is embraced by all indigenes. In Nigeria, it is relegated to the everyday person- a symbol of hardship. If it is the affordable and a quick form of transport on the congested roads shouldn’t we all engage in its services?


It was a hot February afternoon and I decided to take Keke with my Manager. The driver was surprised we hailed but quickly smiled as he realised we intended to be his passengers. The ride was smooth, quick and breezing.


As we arrived at our destination, I impulsively requested my Manager take a few photos to record the occasion because I was aware many would not engage in this form of transport. Our driver asked if he should descend and I politely requested in remain in his Keke as he was part of the moment.


“No you didn’t!”

“What! Let me see those pictures again.”

“Hehehe lol you sure are having fun.”

Those were a few of the reactions to my recent transport choice


Will I take it again?

“Indeed!” Just as quickly as I would slip into trainers or slippers and walk rather than sit in traffic for two hours when my destination is within eyeshot.


“Yes, I did and I enjoyed the ride”