Our Philosophy
At A Glance

Live Abundantly!® is an Avant Garde organisation based on Integrity and is internationally  committed to a Bold Purpose  through identifying Creative Solutions focused on Action Enabled Collaborations with a keen vision on Accountability to the community™.

The Live Abundantly!® is a registered pro-active organisation (CAC/IT/No. 95723) committed to investing in our communities and promoting positive social change through the creation of social cognisance by enhancing the lives of women, children and the vulnerable by way of encouraging social awareness, advocacy and education.

We are committed to creating a respectful and secure society for all regardless of gender, age, socio-economic, religious or physiological limitation through educational advancement. National development and pride begins when citizens believe their presence is valued and they have a respected role in the safety and development of their society.

Our Intent
We Stand

To create an avenue for social consciousness and discourse as we strive to uphold the civil liberties of women and children regardless of their socio-economic standing.

To make education accessible for children who are marginalised by poverty and physiological differences.

To provide Andragogic Education for youth and women seeking economic and social representation in the society.

Support the Live Abundantly!® Mission

The Live Abundantly!® endorses a change in ethos through dialogue, education, legislation and elevation of victims’ voices without fear of repercussion or social stigmatisation. We aim to create a society where the rights of all citizens are respected and upheld, and all children regardless of social standing or physiology can access learning thereby improving their ability to contribute to the progress and welfare of society. Moreover, we support the education of women because it expands their awareness of their role in the future of their children and the development of the nation.

Our Board Of Trustees

We must elevate our level of social consciousness in order to serve the greater good of humankind without reservation or prejudice.

- AmamOnyerinma

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